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Commercial Waterproofing

Industrial and commercial waterproofing protects and prolongs a structure's life span.

Commercial Waterproofing

Water damage threatens buildings, structures, and parking garages on a daily basis. The application of waterproofing materials prevents dangerous water infiltration, and prolongs the integrity of structural components. Golon, Inc., has years of experience in this industry and has waterproofed hundreds of buildings and structures. We are able to repair damage caused by water intrusion and use the proper materials to prevent future infiltration. This will help to maintain, improve, and significantly reduce repair costs in the future.

We offer investigation into the cause of the intrusion and also include the solution. Golon, Inc., organizes the correct team of experts to perform the recommended design. Our waterproofing services include:
  • Waterproofing Commercial Buildings
  • Water Infiltration Identification
  • Flashing Systems For Facade Or Building Backup